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Health & rainwater — things you should know

It is a common misconception to think that rainwater is water at its purest and that it doesn’t need to be treated. The reality is that this is only as clean as your roof and gutters and almost immediately becomes contaminated with bacteria that can endanger your family’s health.

In fact, illness related to tank water contamination is becoming a growing concern. Just Google “Illness from tank water” and you will see what we mean. Many government health authorities issue guidelines on how to use rainwater safely and businesses which are not on town water are facing OH & S pressures to ensure the safety of their customers and employees.

Acquasafe gives you a fast, easy, safe and cost effective way to protect your family from over 170 bacteria and viruses commonly found in rainwater. All you do is tip it into your tank at the ratio of 1 litre to 15,000 litres of water. As it does its job Acquasafe breaks down into oxygen and water, has no odour and protects your tank for up to 2 months before you have to re dose. Best of all Acquasafe gives you this protection for as little as $2 per thousand litres of water.

Davey Acquasafe is Australia’s most trusted tank water disinfectant. What lies behind its safety and effectiveness is Sanosil a unique patented ingredient manufactured in Switzerland that stabilises the main active ingredient to release slowly.